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Privacy Policy

Execulet.co.za hereby allows privacy to any or all its users and these seclusion.

Policies are created to make understood how advice we got from you might be handled with extreme discretion.

These terms are changed without previous notice. Your use that is constant even following its terms of solitude adjustments and the web site will mean the conditions that are foregoing are agreed on by you.

The website gathers applicable information which you have to bear in mind the advice you revealed is subject to Seclusion Policies and about you. You might register your account and apply the site unless the law demands the site to divulge those, but your identity won’t be divulged and certainly will stay private.

Your info is used by us through these manners:

– To tell you about our new services;

– To bear our duties as stipulated in the terms of use;

– To offer you merchandises, advice or services which we feel may interest you, where you’ve accepted to be contacted for such goals or which you request from us;

– To let you take part (including any interactional characteristics (such as our internet established private messaging system), when you decide to do so);

In the event you don’t need your data to be used by us in this manner please notify us at via our web site contact page.

We perpetrate of not divulging your identity without your permission to any folks that were third party also to take care of the security of the data we’ve accumulated from you. We may disclose your information.

– You request from us;

– If the law mandates us to do thus;

– For those who have broken the terms of use;

The privacy policies stated herein still employ and can be rigorously kept by the acquirers too although just in case of insolvency, any information that were assembled in this site may also be transferred.