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How To Save Money While Visiting A Dentist In Brisbane

Unplanned dental visits can put a dent in your pocket, without the right plan, you can find yourself shelling thousands of dollars each year for your dental upkeep. If you are in Brisbane, here is how you can save on your dental visits. Be Well Dental is one of the best cosmetic dentistry that will help you to achieve your perfect smile you want. If you are planning to set an appointment with our expert just give us a call now, we are always prepared to answer all you need to know about oral hygiene and dental treatments.

1. Get Insurance

This is the best way for you to save on your trips to the dentist. And you don’t have to break the bank while doing so. There are some affordable dental insurance plans where you can pay as little as $15 dollars a month. This fee will vary depending on different factors such as location, carrier and policy.

Most dental insurance companies agree to pay 100% of the cost for preventive procedures; 80% of the cost for simple procedures such as extractions and fillings; and 50% of more complex procedures such as dentures.

Also, your insurance will not be unlimited, meaning you can only use a certain amount of money in a year, after which if you surpass that amount you will be required to pay for the procedures out of your own pocket. Most insurance companies work with a limit of $1500 a year.

You could save on your insurance if you don’t have any major problems. Most people simply need an x-ray and cleaning services once or twice in a year. This would probably cost $400.

2. Look For Discount Plans

There are some plans where you can pay as much as $150 dollars per year in order to enjoy anywhere up to 60% discounts on certain dental procedures. The reason these discount plans are so popular is because there is no annual limit to the amount you can spend on your pearly whites. With discount plans you can even receive discounts on cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening; something that dental insurance does not cover.

3. Pay In Cash And Ask For A Discount

Most dentists prefer when their clients pay in cash as opposed to having to deal with insurance forms. If you are able to pay in cash, you can negotiate and ask for a discount. Most dentists would be willing to cut you a deal. Some are even willing to give you 5% discounts if you pay in cash up front. Insurance companies take up to 10-15% of the dentists money so you can negotiate for something even lower. At the end of the day, they will want to keep your business because you are the customer.

4. Health Savings Accounts

Did you know that you can open an account where you can save money that is specifically meant for dental and health costs? What’s more is that the money you save is untaxable. In order to get the most out of it, you will need to determine how much money you would have spent on a dental procedure, and put that money away in the account instead. Any time you need to have a dental procedure done, you can simply use the money you had saved up. Keeping your smile no longer has to be expensive.