Invisible Braces: The Clear Way To Get That Killer Smile

Getting your teeth aligned and being able to showcase those pearly whites won’t be as gruesome of a process that you previously thought. Say no more to a mouth full of unsightly metal brackets and wires. You now have better options to choose from that won’t cut down your confidence. Invisible braces offer a finer view to orthodontic treatments. They are barely visible and most of the time, people looking at your smile wouldn’t notice your wearing braces at all. Conventional braces won’t be able to do this, but newer, invisible ones will.

Unfortunately, invisible braces are not suited for treating complicated teeth misalignment, which means you won’t be going incognito if your teeth are heavily out of place. However, it can still resolve some teeth issues including, overbite, crooked teeth, and wide tooth gaps.

Younger patients are automatically disqualified from wearing this type of braces. Only older teens and adults are fit to wear these braces. However, you will still undergo screening to see whether you are a perfect match. It also takes a lot of dedication and focuses on wearing these braces as they need to remain attached to the teeth at least 22 hours each day and should not be lost at all costs. You can pick from either three types of invisible braces, namely inside braces, ceramic brackets, and clear aligners.

Ceramic Braces – Made from softer materials than metal braces, but offer better aesthetics. Ceramic brackets are also bigger than traditional braces. It uses small rubber bands or better known as ligatures to hold the brackets to the archwire. Just like metal braces, ceramic brackets are non-removable throughout the treatment process. It also comes with the same slight drawbacks including, discomfort, irritation, and a more complicated cleaning routine. Since they are using softer materials, installation takes longer. They are also a lot more expensive than metal brackets, which is why some patients choose to have ceramic braces only on teeth that are most visible.

Inside Braces – If you want to have completely invisible brackets, inside braces are for you. Unlike ceramic and metal braces, inside braces are placed at the back of the teeth, hence the name. Having them requires a 3D scan of the inside of your mouth. The brackets are customized and fitted for each patient. They are perfect for patients who maintain a public image as they are kept well hidden. Some drawbacks include possible speech impairment. However, this is only after the first few days when the patient is still getting used to the braces. Inside braces can be used along with elastics to hasten the treatment.

Clear Aligners – These aligners are nearly invisible and are hardly noticeable when worn. Clear aligners are custom-made to specifically fit the client’s teeth like a glove. It also has no wires and bracket and can come off whenever the patient is about to eat. Given the airtight fit, clear aligners are less likely to result in discomfort and irritation during treatment. This option gives the patient an easier treatment. It’s easy to maintain and offers hassle-free cleaning.

The length of the treatment, however, may take longer than traditional braces but may vary depending on the severity of misalignment. The costs may be the same with traditional braces, but most likely higher.

How To Save Money While Visiting A Dentist In Brisbane

Unplanned dental visits can put a dent in your pocket, without the right plan, you can find yourself shelling thousands of dollars each year for your dental upkeep. If you are in Brisbane, here is how you can save on your dental visits. Be Well Dental is one of the best cosmetic dentistry that will help you to achieve your perfect smile you want. If you are planning to set an appointment with our expert just give us a call now, we are always prepared to answer all you need to know about oral hygiene and dental treatments.

1. Get Insurance

This is the best way for you to save on your trips to the dentist. And you don’t have to break the bank while doing so. There are some affordable dental insurance plans where you can pay as little as $15 dollars a month. This fee will vary depending on different factors such as location, carrier and policy.

Most dental insurance companies agree to pay 100% of the cost for preventive procedures; 80% of the cost for simple procedures such as extractions and fillings; and 50% of more complex procedures such as dentures.

Also, your insurance will not be unlimited, meaning you can only use a certain amount of money in a year, after which if you surpass that amount you will be required to pay for the procedures out of your own pocket. Most insurance companies work with a limit of $1500 a year.

You could save on your insurance if you don’t have any major problems. Most people simply need an x-ray and cleaning services once or twice in a year. This would probably cost $400.

2. Look For Discount Plans

There are some plans where you can pay as much as $150 dollars per year in order to enjoy anywhere up to 60% discounts on certain dental procedures. The reason these discount plans are so popular is because there is no annual limit to the amount you can spend on your pearly whites. With discount plans you can even receive discounts on cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening; something that dental insurance does not cover.

3. Pay In Cash And Ask For A Discount

Most dentists prefer when their clients pay in cash as opposed to having to deal with insurance forms. If you are able to pay in cash, you can negotiate and ask for a discount. Most dentists would be willing to cut you a deal. Some are even willing to give you 5% discounts if you pay in cash up front. Insurance companies take up to 10-15% of the dentists money so you can negotiate for something even lower. At the end of the day, they will want to keep your business because you are the customer.

4. Health Savings Accounts

Did you know that you can open an account where you can save money that is specifically meant for dental and health costs? What’s more is that the money you save is untaxable. In order to get the most out of it, you will need to determine how much money you would have spent on a dental procedure, and put that money away in the account instead. Any time you need to have a dental procedure done, you can simply use the money you had saved up. Keeping your smile no longer has to be expensive.

Orthodontics Treatment With Advanced Dental Surgery

Orthodontists possess the mandatory medical instruction needed to do extensive and advanced dental surgery. A number of the more competent orthodontists have as much as a decade or even more of instruction than simply general dentists, which permit them the certifications essential to execute advanced dental surgery. Nonetheless, a few of these seasoned dental surgeons have extensive expertise in dental operations that are rather innovative. All these are operations as some other surgery in the medical area, and there are dangers as some other surgery. In addition, this is a myth that Gold Coast Orthodontics professionals or all dental surgeons possess the exact same degree of instruction expertise and ability. This expertise is essential in ascertaining the processes required to get the required final result, but in addition in the surgical period of the process that is necessary and instituting the protocol that creates this effect.

These processes start with as many assessments as needed, but with oral examinations, the initial assessments start in Gold Coast, and also the first in these exams is what’s termed an oral examination that is alert. Additional assessments may demand being put under an anesthetic of varied amounts to perform, yet this kind of extensive assessment system is important in ascertaining and performing dental operations that are sophisticated. Ascertaining the required lessons to get a perspective state-of-the-art dental surgery patient additionally covers a that patient’s medical history, specific kinds of innovative imaging and extra treatments for after attention or to further achieve the specified aim if this target can’t get in one advanced surgical procedure.

Nevertheless, these processes aren’t the discretion of just one medical professional or only purely haphazard processes which might be established by happenstance, nevertheless, they may be typical operative treatments for dental maladies that are advanced that are special. A few of the processes to correct these maladies are becoming so successful since the operative treatments have grown to be so improved they’ve become their very own disciplinary dental sciences. One sort of dental surgical area of the kind is restorative. So that you can revive the standard function and contour of those affected teeth restorative corrects dental abnormalities. Moreover, because surgery is inherently dangerous, the subject of oral medication is used to locate the proper clinical treatment for as many conditions as possible that reach the wanted effect from advanced dental surgery minus the injury and consequent healing.

Because an orthodontist can only just perform processes on adult teeth, orthodontic processes aren’t instituted on kids younger than six, and also the adult molars simply present themselves throughout the sixth year. Nonetheless, Institute and it’s supported to evaluate any orthodontic treatment at the first point possible in life or at this early point from the Gold Coast Orthodontist that was right.

It’ll need some dedicated amount of time in the orthodontic treatment. So, if one desires to get the best treatment because of their dental irregularity, then they have to look for an experienced and accredited orthodontist. An inexperienced health cares professional and as the dental health is very important might not have the ability to supply with all the treatment that is best. In getting cleared of dental irregularities economically in Gold Coast, one can be helped by Orthodontist. Requesting recommendations from a sure source to get a wholesome and magnificent grin or by searching on the net.

Get Your Slumber Back Through Successful Treatment

Serious consequences can be caused by constant gap of your sleep through the day to your own wellbeing as well as your productivity. Sleep apnea is a condition that cut your sleep through the night time. It exposes one to various health hazards when it is not treated.

You’ll be at an increased risk of experiencing a heart attack, a stroke or heart failure. Additionally, you will be more susceptible to pulses and obesity, high blood pressure which are unusual. Your productivity at school or work will reduce due to a deficiency of focus. You may also wind up in a variety of injuries as a result of dearth of focus. The great news is the state could be handled via the usage of sleep apnea machines. Benchmark Sleep Services sleep apnea practitioners have over twenty years of expertise in handling sleep apnea and other respiratory ailments, below are the some basic information about sleep apnea treatment.

How Sleep Apnea Happens

Sleep apnea is a condition that triggers one to stop breathing for short instances after which your breathing vitae. It is possible to stop breathing for minutes or some seconds in that case your breathing will restart. You might snore or snort loud as your lungs attempt to take in a gulp of air when you begin breathing again. There are predominantly two kinds of sleep apnea – central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue that is certainly situated in the trunk of your throat fails. It then rests on your own airway so obstructing it. Should you be heavy, you’ll be prone to experiencing OSA. Children that have big tonsil tissues in the throat may also have problems with the ailment. With central sleep apnea, as it will, the area of the brain accountable for controlling respiration does indicate to breathe. Differences that are constant are caused by this in respiration through the night time.

Sleep Apnea Machine Treatment

Sleep apnea could be handled via the usage of sleep apnea machines. The machine consists of a motor which sucks in air in the area and adds it and pressure. The atmosphere is then softly blown into your throat so which you can breathe constantly through the nighttime, to open up your airway.

There are machines which have a set pressure while others are automated. Repaired pressure machines give a continuous quantity of pressure through the night time. When an apnea occurs, automatic pressure machines react to your respiration and raise the pressure. Subsequent to the apnea, the pressure can be slowly reduced by the machine until another apnea happens.

Utilizing A Sleep Apnea Machine

A tube is joined to the motor plus the atmosphere is transported by it to the mask. To be able to have the atmosphere, you generally wear the mask. There are different kinds of masks before you identify one that’s comfortable for you personally and you may try on various ones.

You’ll be able to decide to utilize the full mask that covers your nose and mouth. Additionally, there are nasal masks that cover the nose or nasal pillow masks which can be fitted under your nose. You may also determine to make use of a face mask that your eyes are covered by in addition to covering mouth and your nose also. Additionally, there are nose masks that have prongs which enter to the nose. So the air pressure is preserved, the mask ought to be correctly sealed and good fitting.

Best Teeth Whitening Methods In 2017

If уου do are somebody who οftеn gets compliments οn hіѕ smile, then уου сеrtаіnlу mау ѕtοр here and go back out to partying the night away or doing all that уου were doing. though, іf уου dο aren’t satisfied іn thе whiteness οn уουr smile or had bееn extremely ashamed on уουr yellow teeth and stained dentures frοm years οf smoking οr alcohol consumption, well, then уου сеrtаіnlу mау do well out to browse thіѕ article and ехесυtе thе majority of the strategies or strategies mentioned. Buy co dydramol UK.

The proven fact that there are a plethora of teeth whitening strategies too as teeth whitening kits on-line for years currently won’t negate the proven fact that there has also been a lot of less exposure out to these kits than ideal. There has also been an explosion of sorts on the online in the tooth bleaching kits obtaining rather more attention than it’s usual within the real world. Though, within the real world, exactly where the actual majority on your folks that would like teeth whitening keep, the reach on your best teeth whitening kits has also been rationed.

This has a lot of there is to do in the sort of exposure or limitations with the net than in the quality on your product themselves. Though, in the recession never fading out like it has to have but a slew of debt crises and credit rating downgrades obtaining hold on your region, the teeth whitening kits has slowly emerged as the very best teeth whitening strategies right away. Combining a lethal duo of affordability and market accessibility, the entire dentistry arena continues to be dominated by this product.

Though, what are stealing the show from even these widely acclaimed kits are mint cosmetics. With a large security presence to isolate embattled neigh fan following but a record improvement in consumer base expansion, the entire show has turned the limelight on a mint cosmetics. In the basic distinction being within the cleansing agent that mint cosmetics use (sodium bicarbonate), it really has become the new kid inside the block who has got suddenly got fashionable. With each gel and kit from these guys being FDA approved, there’s hardly any doubt that there will just be a loss within the consumer base on your established tooth bleaching product as mint cosmetics creates a market niche for itself.

There has too been a few resurgence within the cosmetic dentistry business, as a few cosmetic dentists have lowered their rates and are too giving distinctive one-session overnight results. The proven fact that these products are becoming newer competition is huge news for our customers though. For, within the melee of taking pole position within the market race, the very best teeth whitening kits are intending to along the ante inside the quality front. This’ll solely profit the customers, as worth may be a issue that the kits cannot increase for our love with the life!

The very best teeth whitening strategies, out to summarize, isn’t a lot of not the same as what it used to become number of years earlier. Other then the quality too clearly as the competition each has modified for our higher! It also isn’t like we are complaining, are we?

Importance Of Pediatric Dentist

dentist-images-2An innate irrational panic when they pay a visit is shown by every kid. As an effect of which most of the parents follow their kids to pacify, each time a visit to the dentist is nearby. Pediatric dentistry is the designated area in dentistry that deals with providing dental treatments to children from birth to adolescence. Dental care comprises alternatives to the prevention of tooth diseases, teeth issues and child psychology.

Hence, by taking your kid from their youth to a Pediatric dentist right helps them to build up self-confidence that is crucial and decreases the anxiety of the dentist. Pediatric dental practices play a crucial part in these types of circumstances by offering the required environment as well as their dentist that is specialized help the kids to establish the trust they need. The Pediatric dentists accessible at such practices possess the qualifications to supply quality dental services to kids that have been in need of the help and have gone through the mandatory classes. Expertise in the area of dentistry is imperative to make one an expert in Pediatric dentistry.

What Specific Attention Does A Pediatric Dentist Supply?

They help to delay or hinder tooth decay as well as other types of gum diseases which could infect a young child. Tooth decay is well known to influence children’s mental and societal development. Its prevention in children is of extreme significance.

When they’re lost, the dentist takes care of these till adolescence and follows the advancement of the baby teeth. Approaching precisely the same dentist for each visit is exceptionally advocated.

They train the children concerning the various strategies which should be completed to keep healthy teeth and also the need for keeping an excellent oral hygiene.

In addition, they give parents valuable pointers to aid their kids keep tooth decay and gum rot away and follow dental directions.

Taking your kids to your dentist has numerous advantages. Dentist trains the kids right from their youthful age regarding the utility of a healthier group of teeth, keep up with and the best way to clean importance and the teeth to report any pains for their parents or the dentist for an immediate check up. These precautionary strategies will help forestall lacks and tooth decay in young kids. Participating in Pediatric visits additionally, prepares the kids for the care and also maturity they should provide for his or her teeth.


How Frequently Should Your Youngster And A Dentist See?

This visit would help so they are assessed at regular times, the dentist set a table of appointment for the kid. So the Pediatric dentists can remain abreast of the kid’s growth, appointments are likely to be followed rigorously. Parents are also provided by the dentist with flossing and cleaning program that will be followed by their kids when it is enforced by the parents and this program can just be followed.

How Precisely To Choose The Right Dentist For The Dental Problems

Many individuals overlook the importance of keeping good dental health. In ceasing dental difficulties that are numerous contacting a dentist regularly could be of great help. However that is often quite expensive as well as time intensive. You will have to be cautious in picking the right dentist who will give you the dental hygiene that is best. The following recommendations will enable you to get the most useful dentist obtainable in your neighborhood.

Initially you may consider studying assessments out about various dentists in your town. You may go through enough information is supplied by websites which about dentists that are numerous, so giving you the ability to choose and appraise the best one out of these. You may even request friends and your family relatives concerning the useful proficient dentists obtainable in town also.


You may start searching for answers and assessments dispersed by others who for different dental issues, when you have prepared a summary of small volume of dentists have consulted them. An individual might be paid to create simply excellent reviews or reviews that were poor. Therefore, you will need to contemplate reading all assessments, not only remain just to an individual assessment. Afterward these might be trusted being that they’re going a special problem out, In The Event you find all assessments have connected items to express.

The next matter while choosing a dentist could function as the cost, you will have to consider charged for his or her services. Typically the cost of dental treatments are not undue and rather substantial to this plenty of folks fail the necessity for dental treatment when they have dental problems that are serious. The dentist prices change into a distinct from one dentist. Many individuals truly believe the bigger the cost the greater would be the quality of services performed having a dentist. However that isn’t normally accurate.

Sometimes you might be able to seek out cheap dentists who make excellent answers to customers. Begin your research to find a skilled dentist who costs less cash without any deal in the quality of treatment. Exceptional prices billed on various dental therapies will be seen by you. Make sure before picking one to check into these prices.

Tons of men and women are afraid of likely mainly because they’re frightened of the suffering that is related to dental procedures. However, you’re able enough to save your valuable son or daughter from needing to contend with such stresses for the rest of the living by creating their first dental encounter a pleasing one. A pediatric dentist is simply a dentist who is capable and capable to function nicely with kiddies and their dental needs. All dentists get training and the essential dentistry instruction others continue to review to focus in a couple of areas of dentistry. A particular section of expertise is pediatric dentistry. These dentists are useful competent to furnish the dental hygiene they need to daughter or your son. Several parents wrongly truly consider that their kids merely need to start having dental evaluations as soon as they’ve lost their milk teeth and developed their sorts that are permanent.

Kids should see a dentist even in they have created their milk teeth fact. dental wellness is vital regardless of at what interval they are within their dental improvement improvement is because.

After deciding on a dentist, you should pay a primary visit to their business. This could give you of info a good deal that you just had possibly not possess the aptitude discover from on the internet studies. You might consider going through the gear used by the dentist for a go. You will possess the capacity to perceive not or when the services are preserved, regardless of the truth that you are no expert. Also take a look at the quantity of people in the waiting area. This shows the trustworthiness of a dentist.

The Dentist In Extraction

A tooth that is good means a tooth that’s nerves joined to it and is surrounded by healthy gums. With the assistance of the dentist and also great attention, a good tooth may be conserved for life. The occasions of suffering false teeth are almost over on how best to conserve teeth that could otherwise need to be pulled, since dentists have gained the technology and knowledge. A mortal adversary of a healthy tooth is sugar. Thus, a sugar free diet or a diet with all the minimum of sugar content is a vital element in sustaining the life of a tooth that is healthier.


A toothache is actually caused the formation of an abscess within it and also by open nerves as a result of tooth decay. In this instance, the dentist doesn’t have any choice except to advocate removing the nerve that triggers the toothache or extraction.

Gum disease is among the more important variables that necessitate tooth extraction. Lots of people with great teeth have lost them due to gum disorders. Dental cleaning helps maintain the gums and there are lots of products which empower individuals to eliminate plaque from teeth. Many people possess a custom of brushing their teeth. Nevertheless, excessive cleaning of teeth may cause irritation of the gums. A lot of people have lost their teeth that were great to the purpose of harm through excessive cleaning which irritated their gums. While they’d exceptional teeth, the gums deteriorated to the stage where the dentist had no option however to advocate extraction.

One method to save teeth that are unhealthy will be to eliminate the nerve linked to the teeth. This really is known as a root canal. In that makes future extraction unavoidable following a root canal process unless the tooth is given additional care by the dentist damage and decay finally places. Routine visits to the dentist are from being pulled, the only real thing that could save a tooth.

Many dental practices have developed plans to aid patients conserve their teeth for so long as you can, because many patients usually do not need to lose their teeth. So long as the patient is not unwilling to go to with the dentist regularly, there’s a good possibility that the tooth can be saved by the dentist.

Many people are born with teeth that were quite healthy. Minimal care is needed by them plus they appreciate their teeth. But with many individuals with poor dental health, just a dentist might really help them conserve their teeth for just about any considerable duration of time. In conserving teeth, plaque removal and dental flossing by the dentist can help a whole lot. Dental flossing has the bonus of not irritating the gums which continuous cleaning gets the propensity to do. Many people have developed the practice of flossing their teeth regularly.

What’s Plague? The plague is an illness. The dirty material on teeth is PLAQUE. Today, there’s no discovery for a powerful compound which will dissolve dental plaque. Teeth or manual flossing cleaning from the dentist is the only real treatment. If something could be uncovered to dissolve dental plaque, it will function as the most sensational dental discovery since dental implants have been demonstrated to be a dental procedure that is practical and safe. Many teeth are lost because of gum ailments brought on by gingivitis. Accumulated plaque in the teeth which needs to be manually removed with a dentist who scrapes off it causes gingivitis.

There’s maybe still a very long way to really go before dentists find ways to maintain an individual ‘s own natural teeth for life. Incidentally, dental well-being that is great will not mean that dentists will go out of business. If more folks would take the trouble of going to the dentist, great dental health can only be reached. The want for healthy teeth will keep loads of dentists used.

The Best Way To Pick The Right Dentist

The best way to select a dentist doesn’t look like it might be a choice that is difficult. In the end, a town that is pretty small. However, in case you would like a dentist that’ll suit the requirements of your family this is a conclusion to be taken seriously. Considering that the Australian Dental Association recommends two visits for your dentist each year having to drive outside the bounds could be really worth it if you located dentistry services which were just right. By considering the extent of the whole into thought, many more selections might be opened up at a dentist that is good, but additionally, it may feel overwhelming. Here are a couple of items which you must look into to assist you narrow your selection down, before you dive to the job of choosing the best dentist.


The primary things when selecting a dentist you need to think about will be the needs of your loved ones. In case you have young children for example, you’re likely to require a dentist that can treat and clean the teeth of young children and also has interactive service abilities that are great with youngsters. Taking your young kids to the dentist might be a nightmare when they make it thus, even though it merely must occur two times per year.

Pediatric dentistry is something that you may need to request future dentists about, although dental schools throughout the nation these days educate their dental students the best way to communicate with patients that are young. Contrarily, in case you have elderly folks in your house which will be wanting dental services, speak about what their office does to make dental visits more comfy to support and care for elderly individuals as well as their oral health, to outlook dentists.

Another significant concern which should be mentioned early on in your interviewing process with dental professionals is if they take your unique type of dental health insurance and also what sort of payment they take for their oral health and dental services. Understanding just how much you’ll have to cover every single kind of service and what to pay can definitely help you narrow down your choice of dentists, because so many folks are especially if you’re living on a fixed income. Ask your dentist what their basic dental doctrine is and which kind of anesthesia they use. That you do not wish to contract using a dentist which is against the use thus make sure that your thinking is with all the standard processes which is happening in the event you are a huge proponent of Novocain.

Before signing any paperwork assess the certificate of dentists. It is vital that people or the individual looking following your teeth and also the oral well-being of your family have already been to dental school and therefore are fully licensed to practice dentistry and dental surgery in the state or wherever else you could live. Examine the record of the dentist together with the Better Business Bureau and be sure there are not any open and spectacular grievances against your dentist. Assess the records of the Australian Dental Association and ensure that your dentist is in great standing with all the dental organization. Above all, speak to individuals you realize about who they believe in your community is a dentist that is good. Private references would be the best approach to locate a dentist your loved ones will adore.

Cosmetic Dentistry – What Treatments Are Available?

A smile almost always leaves a lasting impression on any individual a person meets and therefore, oral hygiene maintenance is paramount for every individual. There are a variety of dental services you can access depending on your preference or need. Some dental services are for purposes of correcting defects in dental growth, while others may be used for purposes of enhancing aesthetics. These may include Dentist treatments and cosmetic dentistry respectively.


Dentist Treatments

Dentist treatments help in straightening or moving the teeth in order to improve their appearance. This also helps the teeth, gums and jaws a great deal to grow healthy and strong while making them even easier to clean. Generally, such treatments are performed on children although more adults are also getting this done. This may involve taking x-rays or plaster models of your teeth and discussing possible treatment for the problem with your orthodontist. In some instances, some teeth may have to be removed in order to make room for others to grow while in others, other alternatives are sought to create space. A good example of alternative treatments is braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry

These types of dental treatments focus more on aesthetics, such as when an individual wishes to have alterations made to the teeth in order to improve his or her appearance. While they may not be as necessary as Dentist treatments, individuals may find them instrumental in making their smiles perfect. Some popular cosmetic treatments include bleaching, bonding, crowns, veneers, contours and reshaping.

With time, stains may accumulate on teeth and one may need a dentist to help remove the stains. Bleaching is a process that may be used to remove such stains or whiten teeth, and this may be done by the dentist, whether in the office or at home under supervision.

Bonding is the use of material colored like teeth to change the color of your teeth. It requires only one visit to the dentist and can last for a good number of years. Bonding may also be used as a filling for cavities that are small, or to close spaces between teeth.

Crowns or caps are used to cover teeth in order to help them get back to their original shape. They are costly and are often used when other alternatives fail. Of all cosmetic dental treatments, they stay on the longest and also tend to take a lot of time when fixing.

Veneers are thin porcelain or plastic pieces that are fixed over the teeth in order to alter the shape or color of your teeth. They are mainly used on unevenly surfaced teeth, chipped, crooked or oddly shaped teeth. They are also used to fix some of the problems that might be fixed by bonding. Veneers are usually custom-made from tooth impressions.

Contouring and reshaping involves correcting teeth that are either unevenly or irregularly shaped, usually altering the shape, height or even the position of the teeth. Sometimes, there are instances in which bonding and contouring are used simultaneously. This procedure is used for minor alterations.